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Welcome to Raven and Rose Online Training and Workshops.
We offer programs for people interested in having conversations about consciousness, awakening, joy and love.
Lets evolve together toward a much more positive and peaceful world. 

Why join us?

Raven and Rose is dedicated to professional, whole hearted and joyous sharing. 

Professional Trainings

Our certified trainings are available locally and also online. Trainings available include Breathwork Training, Group Breathwork Training and Birth Doula Training. We also offer Professional Development Courses. 

Free Courses

Every month we will offer a new FREE course or workshop for our members. These include yoga, meditation, journey work, sharing circles and breathwork. We will also host guest speakers to share conscious inspiration.

Conscious Connections

We offer online connections, breathing and circles. We also offer in person workshops and retreats. 
All courses have a community page for sharing insights, learnings and questions.

1-1 Mentoring & Supervision

Course packages include 1-1 Mentoring in person or online.
Professional supervision packages are also available. 

Committed to High Energy!

We aim to produce trainings and courses that are high energy, positive, loving and joyous. 
We hope that you will find us, and our content, accessible. Clean energy and personal connections is what you will get from us. We do our own work, regularly. We are human. And we are committed to you! 

Peer Connections

We are committed to sharing the love! We are keen to continue to share our peer's trainings, research and resources right here!  

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Community Appreciation

The Doula training has been a deep experience of enrichment, joy and celebration of both myself as a woman and as a doula. I would, without hesitation, recommend it to anyone who is curious about deepening their understanding and experience of supporting women in birth!
Student 2016
My experiences of working with Mirabai Rose (through her Professional Breathwork training course as well as personal Breathwork sessions) has been instrumental in my recent shifts of awareness, consciousness and connection to self.
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Frequently asked questions

FAQ to come!

We will answer you questions shortly!

FAQ to come!

We will answer your questions shortly!
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